Polkit dialog freezes on authentication if screen was blanked before authenticating

It’s one of the reasons I do not use pamac GUI - and Gnome.
You read the “ps” in my last post?

Be well!

Yep… there are definitely workarounds for this BUG. That’s one.

“It breaks when I do THIS”
“Don’t do THAT”

I should have anticipated the response.
Have a nice life!

Same. I don’t use GUI stuff for upgrading, etc. - just for the panel notifier and sometimes to check what’s available.

For the OP: why not ssh into the media server from another machine and do the upgrades, installations and maintenance that way? No GUI dialogue pop-ups to bug you (unless you use ssh -X maybe).

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Still a workaround for a BUG.

Then report the BUG.


…and here’s another alternative to recover from it safely: reisub.

I would suggest you use the terminal for your updates until this condition is properly diagnosed and rectified. It is unlikely that pacman or pamac (non-gui) will be affected by such a short time-out to screen blanking; unless you’re configured to immediately hibernate instead of using a sane sleep state.

Using the terminal will make it necessary to change your workflow for a time. That shouldn’t be an issue for any experienced Linux user.

In the meantime, if you are so convinced it’s a bug with Pamac, please report it as such after first making certain it hasn’t already been reported.

Something else you could try in the meantime, however, is changing the Pamac-Manager version:

sudo pacman -Syu pamac-gtk
# or
sudo pacman -Syu pamac-gtk3

… depending which is installed.
During install you will be asked which to keep.

Lastly, failure to maintain your system (as required and expected when using a rolling release distribution) is also a recipe for unexpected conditions to arise.

Check that you are fully updated, and that any issues noted in the Stable Update announcements have also been addressed; unless, of course, in the event that you’re using another branch such as ‘Unstable’.

That is all. Good luck.


Happens on both…

Then, you’d best report it, and use pacman in the meantime.

When/if you make that report, you might also consider linking to the post from @Nachlese who I believe was able to reproduce the condition earlier.


It is unlikely to be an issue with pamac-gtk.
Other applications prompting for the password are affected in the same way.

He mentioned gparted.
The screen blanking/locking is interfering with (polkit) authentication.

When the screen gets locked while the password dialog is active
and is then unlocked to continue,
neither the password dialog nor any other part of the GUI is responding.

(except for an already open terminal window - it is half covered by the unresponsive password dialog
and cannot be moved or resized,
but it is still working and commands can be run from it)

Thus my suggestion to restart the display manager, to avoid a hard reset/reboot.

Restarting the display manager will, of course, kill everything else that was running in the session.

I wonder whether that is a Gnome specific behavior.
Or a GDM issue.

I know it does not happen with lightdm and a Xfce4 session.

If it is a bug then it is not one with pamac-gtk.

Yep either Gnome or polkit or their interaction…point a finger of blame & I’ll file the bug report where it needs to go.

Not a solution while streaming media.

I know. But it avoids a hard reset.

Foks, this topic is going nowhere. How can anyone solve the issue with nothing to go on?

Whether the issue is with Pamac, Polkit or whatever: Logs or it didn’t happen.

Please see:

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It’s confirmed recreatable as described.

If that’s your final answer, this thread will be hidden from the public and closed.

Note that I do not want to do that.

EDIT: To be more clear, neither the developer of Pamac nor the developers of Polkit will have enough information to find out what’s causing the issue without logs.

The helpful volunteers here have already given their suggestions and there’s no more to say.

Which logs would be needed…

They’re specified in the tutorial I linked above. Feel free to ask any questions you have along the way.

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