Polkit-1 File Empty


I have recently acquired a Yubikey, and was in the process of setting it up for my device. I performed the steps in a guide online but ran into an issue at the very end.

Since I am unable to attach a link I will quote the article directly:

“There are other prompts that you can setup Yubikey for on Manjaro Linux. Sometimes you receive prompts for your password when using the package manager or partition manager for example. Good news! We can protect those with the Yubikey as well. To set this up for Yubikey, we will want to edit the file /etc/pam.d/polkit-1, and add the following line.”

Whenever I go to view the contents of /etc/pam.d/polkit-1 there is nothing contained within the file, and when I add the text auth required pam_u2f.so cue [cue_prompt=Tap Your Yubikey] and attempt a graphical prompt the authentication fails.

The reason for my question is to see if anyone has gone through this process before and if the GUI Admin password prompts are stored in another location.

Thanks for any assistance!

This file was moved recently to /usr/lib/pam.d/ – just copy this file to /etc/pam.d/ and modify as you want :wink:

From Stable Update announcements: polkit update might remove your local modified config seems to be the relevant note about that.


Thank you for confirming, I was able to locate that file. I did miss the thread there that went over that when I searched the forum for this before posting. So that is my bad.

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