Pointer device (mouse, touchpad, touchscreen) problems on Manjaro Linux (GNOME)

The topic sounds nebulous, I know. Couldn’t describe it any better.

I have a 2-in-1, and my general problem consists of:

  1. A pointer device (ex. touchpad) would freeze / move slowly / be generally unresponsive, but when I switch to another (touchscreen/mouse) it’s fine. The bugginess hops around between all three. It really breaks the flow and I don’t know why this happens.
  2. Navigating around using touch gestures, there are often times where they would register a ‘phantom finger’ on the screen / pad, meaning that it detects that there are 2 fingers when I’m only using one. So you can imagine, if I’m trying to scroll down a page, it instead zooms in and out.

Any possible solutions for this? Any help would be much appreciated. (Also, I’m very new to Linux, so not that I’m opposed to using the terminal, but it would help a great deal if you would specify what a command does when the need comes)