Pluma problem with bottom bar

I m not really sure where to ask this noob question, if it landed in the wrong place please move it to somehwere else…:

It seems like a minor problem : when I am writing in pluma and come to the bottom line , there is a autoremovable bar that is covering always the last line of text while writing. Seems like a little issue, but makes writing impossible if you do not want to type in the blind. I was using in the past gedit and pluma for years and it is just since recent that this behaviour changed. any idea where and how i could tackle this problem? is it within xfce how the windows behave, or maybe did pluma itself changed? Is there a simple text editor that does not do that you can recommend me?

thank you so much!!

Just a few options that come to mind - I can’t reproduce the described behaviour.

Sometimes it is a glitch for who knows what reason and it helps to maximize/minimize the window or change it’s size.
But that’s just like trying to use magic without knowing the spell.

Then there is the Menu: “View” or “Appearance” (don’t have the english Menu) → Status Bar check box

If nothing else helps, remove the configuration:

rm -rf ~/.config/pluma


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thank you for the suggestions. unfortunately the behaviour stays the same. the bottom pane option is greyed out, so i cannot toggle it. also remove the config does not change things.

Menu → Edit → Settings → Modules Tab → enable external tools
then the bottom pane option is no longer greyed out and can be toggled - but the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F9 still doesn’t work (for me)

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Thank you Nachlese, now toggling works. unfortunately doesnt solve my problem. maybe it is a pluma thing. I just tested on another computer running ubuntu and it is the same. I will check for a new text editor. I really like how pluma is lightweight and i can insert the date quickly for logs and projects. so I will look into editors that are not as heavy as libreoffice.

The Xfce “standard” editor is called Mousepad. Don’t know about what useful plugins there are for it, but likely much the same as for Pluma.
Then there is xed and gedit itself, which both Pluma and xed are derived from.

xed can do what you mentioned - the list of plugins is very similar to that of Pluma.

Libreoffice is not an editor - it’s a few orders of magnitude bigger and a waste of resources when you just want to edit plain text.

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ok this is cool, going through all of them: Mousepad works very very well, just does not have the date feature. but maybe i get used to it. xed is great and has the date function. so I will stick to that for now, THANK YOU!!

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