Plex media server no longer appearing on desktop manager

I’ve recently updated my plex media server by building a newer version from the AUR. Since then I have not been able to get plex media server to appear when I search for the application. I can get it running by running the service in the terminal, but I still can’t see the application when I search for it. I’ve also installed vs code from AUR and that appears in my application list. I have tried plex-media-server and plex-media-server-plexpass I don’t have a .desktop file for it in /usr/share/applcations.

Is it a problem with the new update? Or have I broken something on my end. The only thing I can think broke it was me installing virtualbox.

There is no “application”, it’s accessed via You can create a web shortcut in your browser to make it appear in your application menu.

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It would appear as a desktop entry and I could click it and it would take me to that link. It was easier as I didn’t have to remember that link or bookmark it. If nothing is supposed to appear when you search for plex in your desktop manager than I guess it was maybe left over from when I installed with snap.

This tutorial here mentions launching it this way, I want it to appear in my desktop search like that.

search for: tutorialforlinux - step-by-step-plex-media-server-manjaro-linux-installation-guide

I just told you how above.

Ok I’ve made the file in /usr/share/applications and I can’t see it in desktop environment. I guess pc needs a restart? Also no idea where to find the icon file.

There is no reason to modify or create files in your root file system. User files go in your home directory; i.e., for desktop files: ~/.local/share/applications/.

Please search the internet about how to create a shortcut from your browser.

For example with Chrome / Chromium:

Kebab menu (3 dots) > More tools > Create shortcut…

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Hmm I created one using chrome and it’s all horrible and pixelated. This isn’t the same desktop shortcut I used to have. I’m going to reinstall manjaro and see if it comes back.

Why on earth would a desktop shortcut, that’s not included in a default install (as it’s an AUR package) come back by re-installing the entire OS?

Makes no sense.

Maybe by me rebuilding it wrong I messed up the file permissions or something. There’s so many moving parts but it appears that the shortcut just isn’t in the latest release.

Yeah, looking through the rpm source in the current AUR PKGBUILD, it does not have any .desktop file.

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Ah thanks, I’ll check through the PKGBUILD if I have a similar problem again

A bookmark in the browser or speed dial or simply create a link to it on the applications menu and assign it a icon of your liking. As for a .desktop icon coming with Plex only with Plex Media Player which is a separate application.

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