Please update Chromium


Chromium has a new major release with many critical security fixes that has been in the Arch repos since more than 14 days, a new minor release has been pushed yesterday.
Why is Firefox getting pushed to the stable branch, although 82.0 was just released yesterday?
Are there dependency problems with Chromium 86 and the current Manjaro stable branch?

Please update Chromium.


I guess you’ll just have to wait or switch to testing/unstable and get updates eatlier.

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I don’t see the point that Firefox is getting pushed straight to stable and Chromium is not.

Maybe because of some security issues?

Fast tracking browsers, requires them to be built for every branch. So if a Chromium update is needed in Stable and Testing branches the Team has to build it once for testing branch and then once for stable branch aswell, since the branches use different versions of the library dependencies.

So it requires a team member having time to maintain those when needed.

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Yes, but Chromium also has security issues that are fixed.

Ok, thanks for the answer. But I’ve never seen Chromium being built by the Manjaro team.

pacman -Si chromium
Repository      : extra
Name            : chromium
Version         : 85.0.4183.121-1
Packager        : Evangelos Foutras <>

That’s because usually we get it from Arch and the Team might have decided that their manpower is better used elsewhere.

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Never a better time to swap to firefox :grin:


Firefox also isn’t being updated quickly these days. I haven’t seen fast tracking of security sensitive packages ever since jonathon left

That might be because he was the one that had time to do them. :stuck_out_tongue:

No way to Firefox, just use Vivaldi :slight_smile:

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On a more serious note I do think pushing browser security fixes should be a high priority regardless of user preference.

For the regular user I’d wager the web browser sees the most use of any user application.


You can find it here:

Use at your own risk, FF user here…

Apparently so! :sweat_smile:
But still, it would be nice if that process be continued. Fast tracking of security updates is very important. Moreover the Manjaro website very prominently displays the chart and claims boldly that fast tracking of security packages is done.


Chromium in Debian stable, testing and unstable is version 83! Just saying… :shushing_face:

Chromium has a pretty severe vulnerability right now it seems with FreeType.

FreeType was already patched and needs to be updated too.

Edit: Freetype is already fixed in the stable branch :smiley:

The latest build of Chromium can always been found here. Simply extract the ZIP-archive and execute the chrome binary. Currently I started to build Chromium on my rig for stable branch, which takes a lot of time. Normally I’ve no time to do any security-updates like this. So if people complain always about security updates, maybe they should consider to get active and join the team and get into packaging …


I tried yesterday to update Chromium buy compiling it on my workstation. After 4 hours my PC froze. Firefox takes 120 mins to compile on the same rig. So it is not our goal to spend a lot of time only to update Chromium

What happens with: sudo pacman -U

If it works without issues, we can forward that build from testing to stable as an overlay.


I don’t use chromium for daily use but I gave it a whirl and it works just fine and I’m on the stable branch.