Please recommend an AUR helper

I tried yay but it ignores -dd switch. And arch wiki on AUR Helpers does not have information on such quirks, which other helpers can also probably have (some probably also do not have the possibility to ignore dependencies, some may have other quirks), so I’m asking for personal recommendations: which helper do you use and why.

Personally I usually use yay, but I also have trizen installed. Both work well here. :man_shrugging:

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What about pamac itself? I don’t use AUR helpers because i use mostly the GUI pamac but i know you can install AUR programs with pamac build [name]

I do mostly use Pamac, but it doesn’t have an option to ignore dependencies, which is useful sometimes.

Ignoring dependencies is not something that should be done generally.

Dependencies are listed for a reason, why would you want to ignore them?

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I know that, but sometimes it is necessary. In this case I need to install simple-fb2-reader, which has debhelper as a dependency, but debhelper can’t be built because it is outdated, but there is a package debhelpergit, which I do have installed. Nevertheless, simple-fb2-reader tries to install debhelper, so I need to skip the dependency check.

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Or you could change the dependency to debhelpergit in the PKGBUILD for simple-fb2-reader, to see if it would actually work.
yay should allow to change PKGBUILD before building.

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Well, I didn’t think of that, thanks. Still, the absence of a possibility to skip dependency check feels like a missing feature, it may come in handy in the future, so I would not close the topic yet.

But most AUR helpers are not developed by Manjaro, so you have to suggest that to them in their own place. :slight_smile:

Ah, turns out that yay installs the dependencies before allowing you to edit the PKGBUILD.

Do it the old fashioned way then.

  1. Download the tarball from AUR.
  2. Unpack it.
  3. Edit the PKGBUILD to your needs and save it.
  4. Run makepkg -sci


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