(Please look inside for details) Problem about wifi connection on KDE

In fact I cannot think of a good title to describe this.

We know that the list of wifi connections are always changing due to the signal intensity.

When I first booted the computer, the Wifi window is like this:

Wifi 1
Wifi 2
Wifi 3

and as I was entering the password of Wifi 1 the list changes to:

Wifi 2
Wifi 1
Wifi 3

Then my password is linked to Wifi 2 but it is the password of Wifi 1!

i.e. I entered the wrong password and cannot connect to any Wifi. I have to wait the list to remain stable.

So a window like GNOME which has a pop-out password window may be better?

This bug occurs when I installed manjaro for the first time or I go into a new Wifi environment.

Hi, you are right at this point.

The Network Manager asked you the password for wifi1 and you typed the right password on this network. Then, the network manager found a better signal and put it on the top but it was not connected to wifi2, only to wifi1.
I often have the same problem at home with two different wifi signals. In order to see whether you are connected or not you must click on the Networks icon on the menu.
Of course, I can change from one to the other because I have entered the password before and it is recorded. Otherwise, I could not access to the wifi network. So, the question is the following: Did you provide the passwords of wifi1, wifi2 and wifi3 before you experiment this problem?
At last, when I have selected a wifi connection the Network Manager did not change it because of the signal strength although I want to change from the Network icon.
Hope it help, regards.

Yeah this question occured when I first connect to a wifi