Please help with Huion inspiron drivers installation

Hello, everyone.
Long time Manjaro user, First time poster on the forum.
I’ve currently an issue with installing and setting up the Huion drivers with Pamac.
First thing first, I’ve installed the drivers according this.

I can see the Huion Icon, I noticed some interaction with the tablet lights when you hover the pen above the tablet or click any of it’s button.
But you can’t get any interaction from the system and I get nothing from the Huion panel.
Saying that it is
“Device connected yet not recognized?”

And after some digging deeper, I found.

on_screen_changed huion_reload_uhid_pen_event
Destroy uhid device
Wrong size written to uhid: 4368 != 8
destroy uhid dev error!
→ remove@/devices/virtual/input/input67/event19
→ remove@/devices/virtual/input/input67/mouse2
create uinput pen fd=8
→ remove@/devices/virtual/input/input67
→ add@/devices/virtual/input/input68
→ add@/devices/virtual/input/input68/event19
on_screen_changed on_screen_changed on_screen_changed
→ add@/devices/virtual/input/input68/mouse2

So how can I resolve this issue with?
Wrong size written to uhid: 4368 != 8