Please add youtube-dlp (yt-dlp) to the Repository

I’d really like to see yt-dlp added to the repository. I’ve been using youtube-dl for years. Recently, (last few months at least) youtube-dl has been crazy slow at downloading for whatever reason. I’m talking 30 to 80 kbps download speed.

It’s already been several months and no fix. When I searched about this issue, I found many people having the same issue. It’d be great if the team there could fix it, but, not sure it’s going to happen.

A fork already started with yt-dlp and it’s supposedly better. I haven’t tried it actually because I don’t know how to install it. Hence, I’d like to see it in Manjaro’s repository, especially since it does seem to be effective based on what I’ve read.


Switched to it recently as well, because youtube-dl was getting slow.


I’ll have to give this a run. I noticed on the last couple of downloads that dl was slow. Thanks.

yt-dlp is already in the repository, it just hasn’t synced to the stable branch yet.

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Great! Can’t wait to try it.

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