Please add Paru to the repository

Basically Paru has been officially released for a while now, and I use Paru more than yay now, the former is more usable.

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Well, maybe I should wait upstream to accept this package, or I build my own repository.

Who’s upstream? AUR helpers will never be in the Arch repos.

You can certainly do that.

I noticed that yay was added to manjaro’s repository, so why not add Paru since yay was added?
Didn’t you also say “AUR helpers will never be in the Arch repos”?

Manjaro is not Arch. Arch is not Manjaro.

Arch is upstream from Manjaro. Manjaro is downstream from Arch.

Most packages in the Manjaro repos are directly imported from Arch. However, we have some custom and additional packages.

FYI, pamac (Add/Remove Software) and octopi also support AUR packages and are in the Manjaro repos.

See the disclaimer above in my first reply. Notice I have neither agreed nor disagreed to add it to the repos. Right now I’m off to eat dinner. :wave:

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Well, it’s time to go to work too.:slightly_smiling_face:


There is the binary package paru-bin in AUR. You do not need rebuild paru.

Both packages (paru and paru-bin) have the same official maintainer Morganamilo. The binary package has advantage only for quick installation. It supports ARM and x86_64 architecture.

That’s a opinion. I find yay more usable. To my main point Paru is available to install in Manjaro so who cares which repo it’s in?

If Paru is in the software source, it will be more convenient for me to build the installation image.

These may be of use to you:

I’ve always wanted to create my own repository, but I didn’t have the time, or rather I’m currently under the effects of a catastrophic data loss.

Manjaro built /maintain thier own aur helper in the form of pamac I guess so there’s no real reason to add another package manger to the official repos when they already have 3 including thier own.
If a package is in the aur and works fine why do so many people want it in the official repos as well? If you didn’t want to use the aur I could understand it but you are asking for an aur helper that is in the aur

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Because it involves manual enabling? (Just a thought)

That made my day :rofl:

Joke of the day:
Please make an AUR package to automatically enable the AUR repo


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You didn’t really want to. If you did, you would have made time to do it.

Back up your data and save time.
What about all the time you had before the current time?

Time is one of the oldest excuses to have not done something, but if you had got up one hour earlier each day, you would have had an extra 365 hours in a year, that’s roughly 45 eight-hour working days to do it.

Admittedly, laziness is indeed the cause of lag, but the auto-compiled aur repository, I saw in a tutorial that github action and Microsoft OneDrive are needed, first I need to learn how to use these two things, and then the requirements are not urgent, so this work has been lagging.

I’ve been setting up my NAS for a while, but I’ve been looking for a suitable backup tool, and I’ve been using rsync to manually back up during my search, just as things that need to be done manually are always delayed, the last manual backup was a year ago, and I forgot to confirm which SSD I was doing the secure erase for, and I didn’t know that disaster had come.

The trouble of dealing with the firmware of two different SSDs, one of the SSDs took me a year to troubleshoot, the other is still processing, the other is some failures of the rk3399 development board, in short, this is the trouble I have been dealing with recently, these troubles even caused me to not have time to deal with the VPS with intermittent downtime.

Not to mention that this disastrous data loss has brought more troubles. I have to sleep 3-4 hours late every day to deal with these troubles.

My state is close to crashing.