PlayOnLinux/Wine - should I?

Brand new to Manjaro, coming from LInux Mint.

On Mint - I tried installing WINE and PLAYONLINUX, neither were ever successful. Worst part is I had several ‘partial’ installs left on my system… ick.

So my main question is - should I bother to install playonlinux and/or wine on my new Manjaro system - or just leave well enough alone?

Should I move forward - any recommendations? I really don’t want a failed install leaving pieces .

Have you heard of Lutris? This solved a lot of my issues with certain games.

PlayonLinux is becoming old and is not in the official repos, but in the AUR. PlayonLinux still works, but there are other better alternatives.

As @Hanzel mentioned there is Lutris, but also bottles which is preferred to install as a flatpak (developer decision to prefer it), but the AUR has it also.


What is it you are using wine for? If its only gaming then lutris is your friend and protondb is a wealth of information

If it’s to run Windows software sometimes running a Vm is a better solution. If you post what you want to achieve hopefully we can get you some solutions

Thanks for the great feedback! I had a few ‘minor’ windows only apps (e.g.: garmin connect) - that I was looking at running in Linux - but based on this feedback and my requirements I’ll likely just pass on attempting to run windows apps on my Manjaro laptop.

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