Playback DVD's doesn't work

Dear community,

I recently bought an external cd/dvd-drive. Now i’m trying to watch a dvd with VLC but it won´t play. It does see all the files and I can load it in VLC, but after some spinning of my drive just nothing happens. It’s also not possible to rip my dvd to my harddrive with handbrake.

Does anybody know what might be going on? I just used it to digitize my entire music collection (100+ cd’s), so the device itself seems fine.

Thanks in advance!

On most commercial DVDs the data is CSS-encrypted. To decrypt the data you’ll need to install the libdvdcss package.

According to my ‘add/remove software’ the three mentioned packages (css, read and nav) are all installed. Maybe a missing setting?

please read further @Sebastian358 on the wiki page. Take a look at regionset or maybe the wrong device is targeted (dvd → sr0).

Thanks! That did it!

It now works flawlessly :-)!!

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