Play/Pause media key affects all apps at once

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently switched from KDE to XFCE and I frequently use media keys for different apps, but in XFCE it doesn’t seem to work as I expect.

I’m used to the play/pause key affecting only 1 app (the most recent audio stream), but the pulseaudio plugin seems to affect all the streams at once (e.g. Youtube tab in the browser and Spotify).

Has anybody else had this problem?


I worked around this limitation of the pulse audio plugin by disabling it and using shortcuts with playerctl instead. Under Settings → Keyboard → Application Shortcuts I added a new shortcut for play/pause skip and previous. As commands I used playerctl -p spotify play-pause and the same command with skip/previous. This does only affect the player you specify there and not the most recent one. However you can specify more than one player, in this case it affects the first player in the list that is open: playerctl --player=spotify,vlc play-pause.

Hope that helps,