Plasmashell dumps core when disconnecting a third (hdmi) display

System becomes unresponsive (hard restart required) after disconnecting the third display via hdmi switch - which I do quite often as the third display doubles as a TV.
Coredump created on this occasion.
Remaining two displays (connected via DVI) normally should refresh and show the reconfigured desktop - but they remain black - and no keyboard input can bring the system back.

Linux/KDE Plasma: Manjaro 21.1.0
KDE Plasma Version: 5.22.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.85.0
Qt Version: 5.12.2

I reported this with kde bugs, only to get it closed as a duplicate of another two year old bug - which itself was closed as ‘resolved upstream’ - apparently in Qt 6 (see 414805 – Crash in QScreen::handle() after QXcbIntegration::createPlatformOpenGLContext())

It looks like in this case Qt is upstream of KDE, and KDE is upstream of Manjaro. Right?

  • What is the process to get this fixed in Manjaro?

Sorry for the n00b questions, but I am genuinely interested in the process - if someone can shed some light please.

Please read this:


Please read this:

Especially the What’s this upstream/downstream business as the answer is: it needs to be fixed in KDE and if it was fixed recently, the next update will incorporate the change.

In that case, read the rest of the N00b guide too! :grin: (at least the sections you’re not aware of)


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Well then Fabby, it was a nice read. Thanks for taking your time and writing that up.
I am more informed now then I was an hour ago.

Going to enable sysrq now and test it out for next time - as I am at the mercy of KDE for the time being.

Also, perusing the tutorial section of the forum (now that I see it is quite nicely populated).

Cheers :wave:

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