Plasmashell doesn't start automatically

About 2 months ago, I updated my system and after that, sometimes plasmashell doesn’t starts normally.
I mean when I turn on my laptop and logging in to my account(by entering username & password) and wait for 10 minutes I don’t get any Desktop or Panel and I just see a black screen.
To resolve the problem always I should use Ctrl + Alt + Tab shortcut to get a terminal then I should run below commands to restart the plasmashell:

$ killall plasmashell
$ kstart5 plasmashell &

This problem doesn’t happens always but sometimes.
Also before killing the plasmashell I run below commend and I can see it is available:

$ ps -A --forest | grep plasma

How can I debug this problem and find out its reason? Which logs should I look for? how to resolve it?

NOTE: My solution (which is killing plasmanshell and start it using terminal) is not perfect, because plasmashell produces so many logs and occupy the terminal completely, so terminal is not useful anymore but I should keep it just because of plasmashell :frowning_face:

Could be config/cache related: did you check if this is affects a fresh user as well?

As always when updating Plasma - clean cache: KDE - ArchWiki


No, I didn’t :thinking:. Even It’s my first time hear about config/cache related problems.
Thank you for mentioning it :pray:, I’ll try it and share the result with you here.
Maybe I should wait one/two week to make sure this problem is resolved or not :sweat_smile:(Because it doesn’t happen always).