Plasma5-themes-breath2 gone in pamac

After I updated my Manjaro Dependencies in Pamac GUI I can no longer find/install the theme.
Here’s what comes up when you do “pamac search breath2”:

breath-classic-theme-git                                                    r183.007d5002-1  AUR 
    Classic Breath Plasma Look & Feel package by Manjaro Team (ex-Breath2)
breath2-git                                                                 r170.85732de2-1  AUR 
    Breath 2 Look & Feel package (color schemes, icons, Konsole theme,
    Plasma5 theme, SDDM theme, wallpapers, Yakuake theme)
breath2-wallpaper                                             [Installiert] 1.0.18-5          
    breath2 wallpaper

Sorry for the german language.

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Hi @Andstar, and welcome!

See the latest update announcement:


We reorganized our default Plasma Theme Breath. Find more information about the move in a separate thread: Testers needed: Manjaro KDE massive cleanup/rename

Hope this helps!


yeah that helps thanks

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There’s a German section of the forum.

Well as many others.

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