Plasma X11 vs Wayland

Don’t know if I can explain this properly but I will try.
I am using Plasma and wanted to bounce back a forth between X11 and Wayland to test X11 vs Wayland. What works and what doesn’t work.
The first thing I noticed was various screen resolution issues.
I have a 4k hi res laptop screen so the fonts for various menus , text needs adjusting to make it readable for me.
On my X11 I have adjusted the font scaling to 230.
When I go into Wayland that setting is not set.
So I changed it. It did make a difference but the fonts for some things didn’t change and others were too big.
So I tried changing the display resolution to 1920x1080 in Wayland and turned the font scaling off.
That worked ok in Wayland however when I went into X11 it had changed the resolution there also and that doesn’t work when the font scaling is used .

My goal is to go back and forth and get the same experience visually in both.

My question is has anybody been able to do this and how did you do it?

Looking forward to hearing from the community on this subject.

Hi @MAYBL8 ,

From what I understand it’s not recommended to have both installed, as they can cause conflicts, as you seem to be experiencing.

I know this isn’t the answer you wanted. It is, however, the truth. (AFAIK at least.)


According to:

Magnifying/surface scaling

Screen magnifying is not solved yet, a pull request was merged mid-2022 providing the protocol wp-surface-scale.

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Maybe there are better ways and im still far away from a linux veteran to give advise there, but what comes in my mind is a universal answer… just create timeshift snapshots with x11 and wayland and switch back and forth.

I never used Wayland btw. so i would be intrested to know your result after your testing is done :slight_smile:

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That’s not true at all. It’s a single package difference.

You are joking, right?

Given that Wayland complely wipes out any hope of mouse gestures (even native English speakers come back with answers about ‘gestures’ and mean ‘touchpad’ gestures) for the time being, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be happy about testing or supporting Wayland because it seems to be just so far behind in that regard…

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Interesting. Now I know too. Thanks.

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I use Manjaro KDE with Wayland and X11 installed, as was the default installation. The monitor I use is capable of a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, and no greater. At this resolution, I haven’t seen the font scaling differences you describe.

I do, however, often experience severe screen tearing (returning from sleep) only on Wayland - which is unfortunate, as I find Wayland truly snappier, more streamlined than X11 ever was. Until Wayland is more matured, and X11 oriented devs finally catch up with the concept of there being a viable alternative in Wayland, I’ll have to favour X11 for general use.

And, before I get too sidetracked - It could be that these font scaling differences only manifest at 4K and similar resolutions. Testing at these higher resolutions may be slow due to there not necessarily being an over-abundance of 4K monitors to test with, within the community.

Nonetheless, this might be worthwhile avenue of research. Cheers.

Most known KDE Plasma Wayland issues are listed here. Note that many of them will never be fixed in Plasma 5. Plasma 6 is currently scheduled to be released in early February 2024.

That just sounds like a bad idea and is probably not possible. Most users will pick one or the other according to need and stick to it. I’d always recommend X11 for Plasma 5 unless there is a very good reason why you need Wayland.


i’m surprised that a lot of distros pushing wayland to the new basic setting nowadays. wayland is in fact a nice invention compared to x11 but is still struggeling. it’s working fine with amd and intel gpu’s but there are still too much users that owe nvidia and that is an issue overall. i don’t blame the wayland dev’s, the fault is more or less to nvidia but a graphical user interface has to work even on this terrible nvidia.
the future of wayland relies on the power of development they are capable of. if more and more distros promote it as the new basic installation the more trouble will happen due to more users. that’s a simple consequence of the number of users and i’m not aware if the wayland team is prepared to it. nevertheless i give it a try (but without nvidia).
BTW.: There should be a big warning on each Linux-Distribution that warns: Do not use Nvidia.


so true… it cannot be emphasized often enough.
sadly it affects wayland as well as x11.

Thanks everyone for all of your replies.
I hope this thread can be used to document the progress of X11 vs Wayland.
This is very informative and enlightening to see that not everyone knows what they think they know.
Wayland seems to be the future based on everything I have read. Obviously before it can replace X11 allot of work has yet to be done.
Manjaro included it for some reason. That may be stated somewhere in a document.
I don’t mind working on beta applications knowing there are bugs.
Just like sharing info with everyone.

it’s not manjaro neither any other distro. there are the graphical-user-interfaces as plasma,gnome,cinnamon,xfce,mate,i3…
they decide what graphical-session-manager is used as primary setting. it’s not a question of the distro, it’s the decission what type of graphical-interface you’ve choosing.

Got it so If I used debian and installed plasma I would have the wayland choice also.

I saw alot people in nvidia support forum using wayland actually… it can’t be this bad if they freely switch from x11 to wayland and with a nvidia card.

A lot needs to be done with Wayland, yes, probably; but also, with the software packages that need to support it, in some way or other. There’s likely to be much catch-up needed from different perspectives, but a limited supply of devs and interested parties to do the work.

I can’t help but think “famous last words…”

First time Manjaro user here, this problem still exists even after today’s update. I’m afraid to put the laptop to sleep :joy: so I make a habit to save everything and just shutdown.