Plasma won't store wireless password unencrypted

After updating my laptop yesterday(I don’t use it much, so I had probably missed one or more previous updates due to impatience), I was asked for a wallet password which I had never needed to enter before.

After closing that, I was prompted for my wireless password, which had been stored ever since I installed Manjaro Plasma.

When I entered said password, I saw a notification about a secret not being entered, and wireless failed to connect.

Going into settings, I changed wireless password storage from per-user encrypted(I had never selected this setting) to unencrypted, thinking this had something to do with the mysterious appearance of a wallet prompt, which I really didn’t feel like spending hours researching how to use properly.

After inputting the wireless password, the problem persisted, even after restarting for safe measure.

After disabling the wallet thinking that had something to do with it, both wifi password storage options continued to not store the password.

If I input the password every time I log on, into the first prompt, it works. If I close the first prompt and try to input the password in “Configure Network Connections” it does not work.

This was a vanilla install of Manjaro. I only use Firefox on this laptop, and I don’t even have any addons for it.

I keep hoping to find a linux distro I can recommend to my elderly relatives instead of windows, and Manjaro is so close, but something like this happens so often there is no way I can recommend it to non-tech-savvy people, which I barely consider myself to be.

Why barely? Well, in my annoyance I removed the wallet completely, which took most of Plasma with it. I managed to reinstall the environment via the ctrl+alt+F3 console and pacman, but it still has the same issue.

I admit this to show my technical level: I can muddle through most things, but it takes a long time, and when I can’t find related posts as is the case here, it starts taking much more time. I’m sure it would work fine if I log into the wallet every session, but I do not want to just mask the issue.

Do I have to input a password(either user or wifi) every single time I start the laptop if I want to use the internet now? I specifically chose the automatic login so I wouldn’t need to do this.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug? How do I fix this within the KDE Plasma GUI?

Instead of disabling the wallet, you should have installed kwallet-pam. Then it would unlock your wallet automatically at login. My wifi passwords are saved in kwallet, and I never get prompted for a password to unlock the wallet.

Edit: Just adding that kwallet-pam works only if your wallet password is the same as your login password.

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I couldn’t find this while trying to look into the issue, since there are a lot of problems with the same symptoms when I try to search. I will start using it, and yes my wallet password is the same as my login password. I don’t store anything crucial on the thing, though, and only use it as a clean web browser.

Well, it turns out I already had kwallet-pam installed and even after reinstalling it twice using different methods, kded5 is still opening kwallet causing KDE Wallet Service to prompt me for the password.

This also doesn’t resolve the issue of being unable to store wifi password unencrypted with wallet disabled, but that’s secondary at this point.

I was really hoping to avoid a complete reinstall since that will not solve the actual problem, just overwrite it. At this point, it seems like the fastest way to solve the issue, though.