Plasma-thunderbolt installed but odd problems occurring

I’m running KDE on a 2013 MBP, 15’, 2.7, 16GB. I have the plasma-thunderbolt add on installed. However, I’m having some strange problems with the monitor while running Manjaro KDE. First is that when I come out of sleep and try to wake up the computer the 27" Thunderbolt display won’t turn on, yet the drives that are connected to it are still recognized. I have to unplug it, wait and plug it back in and it usually will display, sometimes I have to do that several times. This will occasionally happen also on boot up.
The other issue is that sometimes the screen will just start fluttering like an old TV with Vertical and Horizontal hold needing adjustment. Then the problem stops. If I unplug it and plug it back in the problem will go away for awhile.

Update. After a recent episode where the display got epilepsy and stopped working with Manjaro, it has been blank during all GUI sessions since. However, the display does sometimes work when in boot up and I can see either the coding or the KDE icon on the monitor but then it’s blank when KDE boots up. This same monitor is working fine when running Mac OS and I’m typing this from Mac OS Catalina now on the same monitor that is now dead in KDE.
I tried uninstalling plasma-thunderbolt, rebooting, and seeing if that fixed it, it didn’t. Then I reinstalled plasma-thunderbolt and it also didn’t fix it.

Never mind. The problem just started happening in Catalina as well. The monitor must be going bad.