Plasma-style Window Rules in Gnome


Ever since I got my second monitor I have been battling how to manage what apps open on which monitor. My left monitor is the primary, and the right is my secondary. I pretty much have everything resolved except my drop down terminal. I want to use either Guake or Tilix on Gnome and have them open on the right (secondary) monitor. I set it up this way in the application settings, but every time my monitors wake from sleep everything has shifted to my primary monitor (the monitor numbers even change, so instead of monitor 1 being primary and monitor 2 being secondary, the numbers are swapped). On KDE Plasma I can override this with a window rule and force Yakuake to always open on Screen 2 and that works. However I cannot find a way to do this on Gnome or any of its derivatives. Does anybody know how to make this work? Or even better, does anybody know how not to have Xorg change the monitor numbers when they go to sleep? Both monitors are connected via DisplayPort. I have tried with both AMD and NVidia graphics cards with the same results.