Plasma removed by mistake or something else

Idk what exactly happened or how it happened I was installing texlive from aur it was failing so cancelled the operation removed jupyter deleted a time shift snapshot but I don’t see how it could trigger pacman to remove everything, then installed anaconda, all from pamac during the installation of anaconda I was looking at the log in pamac and at the moment I closed pamac I realised I saw removed konsole or konversation and after the pretty much whole system crashed I could not shut it down or do anything rebooted the system with power key and noticed the Blue login screen but could not login to kde and there is no way to select DE googled and checked pacman logs using tty, what should I do next? Reinstall manjaro or just plasma?

Indeed, you removed Plasma :slight_smile: You need it install back. You need install:

sudo pacman -Syu plasma-desktop

This provide you minimal installation, if you want more packages install plasma-meta. But whatever you choose you still may need install some packages, but GUI will back :wink:

Hi @bhavesh_sharma, and welcome!

If you can boot wuth a Live ISO, then you can chroot into your installed environment. From there, you can then reinstall plasma. These are the KDE and/or Plasma packages I have installed:

xdg-desktop-portal-kde             5.20.5-1                    extra      721.5 kB
$ pamac list -i | grep -i kde
kde-cli-tools                      5.20.5-1                    extra      4.2 MB
kde-gtk-config                     5.20.5-2                    extra      238.1 kB
kdeclarative                       5.78.0-1                    extra      1.5 MB
kdeconnect                         20.12.2-1                   extra      4.2 MB
kdecoration                        5.20.5-1                    extra      274.3 kB
kded                               5.78.0-1                    extra      108.5 kB
kdegraphics-thumbnailers           20.12.2-1                   extra      121.3 kB
kdelibs4support                    5.78.0-1                    extra      18.5 MB
kdenetwork-filesharing             20.12.2-1                   extra      329.4 kB
kdepim-apps-libs                   20.08.3-1                              471.4 kB
kdepim-runtime                     20.12.2-1                   extra      16.0 MB
kdeplasma-addons                   5.20.5-1                    extra      5.5 MB
kdesu                              5.78.0-1                    extra      504.9 kB
libblockdev                        2.25-1                      extra      1.6 MB
libkdepim                          20.12.2-1                   extra      347.8 kB
manjaro-kde-settings               20200804-1                  community  790.6 kB
polkit-kde-agent                   5.20.5-1                    extra      238.8 kB
xdg-desktop-portal-kde             5.20.5-1                    extra      721.5 kB

$ pamac list -i | grep -i plasma
kdeplasma-addons                   5.20.5-1                    extra      5.5 MB
pamac-tray-icon-plasma             0.1.2-3                     extra      84.1 kB
plasma-desktop                     5.20.5-2                    extra      33.6 MB
plasma-framework                   5.78.0-1                    extra      9.1 MB
plasma-integration                 5.20.5-1                    extra      450.6 kB
plasma-nm                          5.20.5-1                    extra      7.9 MB
plasma-pa                          5.20.5-1                    extra      857.6 kB
plasma-simplemenu                  1.0.12-1                    community  82.4 kB
plasma-workspace                   5.20.5-2                    extra      39.5 MB
plasma-workspace-wallpapers        5.20.5-1                    extra      46.6 MB
plasma5-applets-plasma-pstate      1.0.6-3                     AUR        65.7 kB
plasma5-themes-breath2             1.0.10-2                    community  11.1 MB

I realize chroot might not even be necessary. However, I like taking the cautious approach as it can save you much time later on. There is a reason for the saying, “rather safe than sorry”…

could please elaborate how to install from live boot to installed os

I’ll try.

  1. Download and write the ISO file to a USB flash drive.
  2. Boot into the live ISO environment.
  3. Once successfully booted, open a terminal.
  4. When open enter the chroot environment:
$ manjaro-chroot -a

(Depending on your environment, circumstances and the age of the downloaded ISO, you might be required to select which environment to enter. It might be one higher than the displayed number, if the ISO isn’t newly downloaded. I had to do it this morning, and mine was absolutely fine.)

  1. If successful, be very careful, as you are now root on your installation.
  2. Go ahead and reinstall minimal plasma:
$ pacman -Syu plasma-desktop

Or if you want more packages, install plasma-meta. I am unsure if it’s necessary to install plasma-desktop as well then, but it can’t hurt to specify it:

$ pacman -Syu plasma-desktop plasma-meta
  1. Do a little dance while you wait. Record it for youtube…and…science.
  2. reboot

That sho8uld *in theory* be all that’s necessary to get you up-and-running again.

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I will try it.
Thank you:)

You’re welcome!