Plasma-pa dependency

Maybe we can make pulseaudio an optional dependency of plasma-pa so that it is unnecessary to uninstall and install plasma-pa

The plasma-pa package is maintained by Arch Linux, so the suggestion should be directed at them.

However, as the package name suggests, it’s an applet to control audio via Pulseaudio.

Is there a reason that sudo pacman -S pipewire-pulse does not work for you?

Arch Linux does not care about Manjaro’s pipewire meta package, so they won’t make changes, just to make a Manjaro meta package work.

And as @Yochanan mentioned:

So when you switch from one audio server to the next, you are expected to put some work into it.

As far as I can read in the thread you mentioned, the meta-package would have worked, if you had uninstalled pulseaudio-jack first. Not everyone has that installed and it has likely not gotten installed by default, so it’s a package you installed, probably to try out jack audio.


My customized version of Plasma uses pipewire and plama-pa - works flawless :slight_smile: