Plasma mobile x64 - kded5 request password to access wifi


the last update to 22.1.0 ruined my plasma mobile install. So I build a new image with buildiso and installed the 22.1.0 plasma mobile version. Everything works, but I have this strange behavour: when I login, kded5 asks my password again to enable the wifi, although I used the same password as my login password for the wallet. Before, it never asked to create a wallet to enable wifi, maybe it’s a new feature.
I already installed kdewallet, but nothing seems wrong there. I also tried to disable the wallet, but then the wifi always asks the wifi password.

It seems like sddm and kwallet are not working together.

Somebody knows how to solve this?

As I understand it, Plasma Mobile actually does an autologin and then locks the screen, so when you are “logging in”, you are actually just doing a screen unlock. Hence, you never enter your password into the display manager, and hence, PAM integration for KWallet, gnome-keyring, etc. cannot work.

What you can do is to open kcmshell5 networkmanagement (the desktop version of the network management configuration, which has more settings available), edit your connection, go to “Wi-Fi Security”, and pick “Store password for all users (unencrypted)”.

This worked. Thanks a lot!

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