Plasma Mobile Session is no longer starting

Good Morning,
Since version 5.22 a bug keeps me from using plasma mobile regularly
I have tried several Versions of Manjaro (stable - unstable + kde-unstable) but all of them lead to the same problem.

Version Details:
Pinephone: KDE Edition
Kernel: 5.12.14
Plasma Versions: 5.22.3
Manjaro Branches: arm-unstable (no kde-unstable repo)

problem description:

sometimes the entire session crashes.
I restart the device and enter my password (The DisplayManager works).

The session no longer starts (The screen is very bright, but remains black).
Locking and unlocking the session works.

I would like to attach log and configuration files, but don’t know exactly which ones are needed.

Does it happen with the latest build?

I had last used the image 20210701.
I will download the latest image and try it again.

Good Evening @Strit ,

Yes the Issue i described above occurred on the latest images.

If needed i can access the shell on both Systems and upload files or execute shell commands from there.

Plasma Version: 5.22.3
Manjaro Branch: arm-stable
Used Build: 20210707

With the latest builds of Plasma Mobile the issue seems to be disappeared.
But maybe it’s because I kept the virtual Desktops untouched.

I had to remove some plasma-related configurations from the ~/.config/ directory and restart the phone to got it working again.

But since the release of Beta6, the Plasma-shell is very responsive and the issue disappeared.

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