Plasma-mobile problem testing ofonoctl share solution ?!

plasma-mobile testing

hello, For 2 days I have noticed that you have to do a sudo systemctl restart ofonoctl after each restart ou update

so I applied:

sudo systemctl restart ofonoctl

systemctl status ofonoctl

sudo systemctl enable ofonoctl.service

sudo ofonoctl wan --connect --append-dns

but that was not enough, I looked again and I found !!!:
sudo pip install ofonoctl
sudo systemctl restart ofonoctl

now i can turn off and on again the connection request for ofonoctl this is done correctly

I grope

So what you are saying is that using a completely unpatched ofono works better than the packaged one we provide?

In addition it does not come off even at rest

It bothered me … what you said …

So I cleared the cache and I redid pacman -Scc then pacman -S ofonoctl

and I have no problem …

except that I still have a problem as soon as mobile data is running at startup it blocks the call ofonoctl

mobile-data on = not call ofonoctl
mobile-data off = call ofonoctl —> this code pin

hello, today the manager has been updated, and the restart with or without mobile-data works

but if mobile-data is on and the phone is inactive, you have to do a sudo systemctl restart ofonoctl

so if you do not need or no longer need mobile-data, consider switching it off

Still problems with ofonoctl because after inactivity it is impossible to send a text or a text message without rearming

Well, by dint of touching, retouching, I ended up redoing everything and I re-installed “Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-pinephone-20210423” and made an update … following the next issue

Positive test, I took the motorbike bmw scrambler, went shopping, came back with such, ofonoctl hold on tight and the wifi hangs up correctly,
excellent experience

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