Plasma Mobile no status bar and no quick settings pull down menu, no way to close app

I have had this on the Plasma Mobile unstable branch for a while, I flashed Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-dev-pinephone-20220304 to get the latest version, went through the setup, which completed, but then the screen goes black with a flashing _ cursor on the top left (Pinephone 1.2 running from eMMC).

I forced a restart after waiting for over half an hour, it boots to the lockscreen with the top status bar showing mobile with carrier name, bluetooth icon and wifi,battery status too.

Entering pin to unlock the phone you get to the homescreen with Phone, Spacebar and Angelfish icons at the bottom with ^ icon that expands to show applications. However, the top status bar is missing (no icons for mobile, wifi, bluetooth).

Swiping down from the top of the screen only shows a Search bar together with the virtual keyboard at the bottom. Swiping from the top again moves the search bar down but above it remains blank, no quick settings menu drop-down as was the case before.

Another problem is that whatever application is launched there is no way to closed it, no icons to move back to open applications or homescreen. The only way to get back to the homescreen is to kill the application using the PID via SSH.

Am I missing something? Is this a known regression that will be fixed at a later stage?

Very disconcerting, I had assumed this had slipped in somewhere and that doing updates via command line hadn’t changed a configuration file but as I just reflashed from a latest image that is clearly not the case.

One bug report [navigationpanel] Swipe Gesture Navigation not working (#180) · Issues · Plasma / Plasma Mobile · GitLab
Resetting shell settings does not work for me, even after rebooting.

Another I found Shell panels have disappeared (#136) · Issues · Teams / Plasma Mobile / Issues · GitLab

Downgrading from plasma-workspace 5.24.2.r11452.g8fcdfc309-1 => 5.24.2-1.0 and rebooting worked for me:
sudo pacman -S extra/plasma-workspace
sudo reboot

Note switching to the stable branch and downgrading packages fixed the issue.

Yes. No panels is a known issue on the Dev images these days.

The Plasma Mobile devs are looking into properly fixing it.

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