Plasma Mobile 6 Developer Images

Some might have noticed that the last Developer Image for Plasma Mobile was done in July 2023. Well, we had no time to look into Plasma Mobile at all. Now I managed to get somewhat Plasma Mobile 6 booting. Check it out: Release Developer Release 202404140915 · manjaro-pinephone/plasma-mobile-dev · GitHub

CC: @Kevin_Kofler


Tested with PinePhonePro.
I have used it for a few hours and it is generally good.

  • WiFi
    Mobile-Setting now supports WPA-EPA.
    Japanese input

  • IME
    I can input japanese with fcitx5 and fcitx5-mozc. KDE’s systemsetting must be installed separately and configured from there.
    I have added followings In /etc/environment.

  • External display
    FHD with touch srcreen works fine.


  • When switching applications with the □ button, the screen goes dark and cannot be operated.

  • SIM is not recognized (Mobian recognizes it, so it is not a hardware problem).

  • Although it is an upstream problem, Japanese input on maliit keyboard has been unusable for a long time (downward flick overlaps with the action of hiding the keyboard and cannot be used for input).

  • I created a new user but cannot log in (I can su from konsole).

Translated with (free version)