Plasma keyboard shortcuts sometimes take over while in Awesome WM

I installed Awesome WM, and have been enjoying it - though I still use Plasma, and definitely don’t want to remove it.

Something that ranges from a minor annoyance to royal pain, is that sometimes while I’m in Awesome, a select few of my keyboard shortcuts stop working, and instead those from Plasma take over. For example I’ve been using Print-Screen to launch flameshot, but when this happens I get spectacle instead (wouldn’t even be that big of an issue if it launched correctly lol). I also mapped Super+E to open ranger in my terminal, but of course when this happens, suddenly Super+E opens Dolphin.

I can’t tell if this just happens randomly, or more likely: whenever I open some application, like Okular, Ark, or some other KDE application, something else is launched in the background that causes all of this.

I haven’t really modified my X server files outside of setting a couple environment variables in .xinitrc, and the entirety of .Xresources for styling my terminal and what-not. So it could be the case that this is related to something started after I login with SDDM, but I don’t understand the startx process enough to determine for sure - though nothing stood out in my home dir files or files in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/.

So uh yeah… any ideas on what is causing this and more importantly how I can stop it from happening? Dolphin and spectacle are excellent but I don’t really like Plasma randomly asserting itself over Awesome.