Plasma don't run after switch from Nvidia to built-in Intel GPU

Hi, everyone.

I have been working with a dedicated GPU from Nvidia, however I have removed it recently and now Plasma don’t run with my builting Intel GPU, It don’t show me the users selection to log in.

Whats goin on? Please, help me.


Did you leave the nvidia drivers and configurations in place? Such as at /etc/X11/...

What about mhwd?

mhwd -li

And in case you need the reference to leverage tty, runlevel3, chroot…

You thread and your title say the exact opposite, which one is it?

I have no changed nathing in /etc/X11… however, I was working with wayland before remove Nvidia GPU.

mhwd -li show me just two installed configs: “video-linux” and “video-nvidia”. I have tried install “video-intel” but it didn’t find nathing with that name.

Yep, sorry. I have edited the title.

So remove video-nvidia

sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia

(it would put files places even if you didnt)

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