Plasma discover: which is the correct way to install it in Manjaro KDE


please can you give me support on which is the correct way to install the official Plasma Discover application (KDE and Plasma resources management GUI) together with the backend package useful to see the official Manjaro/Arch packages without any flatpak, snap or other non-distro stuff? Maybe packagekit or packagekit-qt5 + other things?

A tutorial could be the best thing! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

UPDATE (2020-04-19, recap from responses below):
the correct way to install from console the Plasma Discover with the common backend part is:
sudo pacman -S discover packagekit-qt5

Okay, here’s the tutorial:

  1. Hit ‘Meta’ key to bring up a menu.
  2. Start typing ‘add’ to bring up ‘add/remove software’
  3. Type ‘discover’ in the search to search for discover
  4. CLICK on ‘install’ to install discover.

There’s another way to do this (actually many more ways) but I think opening a terminal might prove too difficult…
Ctrl+alt+T to get a terminal…
Then ‘pamac install discover’

Be aware:
KDE has some GREAT apps. Discover is NOT one of them and it will spam you to death… you can more comfortably browse the KDE Discover store in a browser and install through pamac (which is the ‘add/remove’ program).

yeah, but if you install just discover, it shouldn’t be enough.
Your steps are the equivalent of installing discover from console, right? Like sudo pacman -S discover
Just doing this can lead to the installation of plasma discover frontend but not backend, therefore you obtain this error message from discover:

So there must be installed another one or few packages for the backend… that’s what I’m looking for.
Some of you knows which backend package(s) shoud I install?

Just update and install in addition the “optional” dependency

sudo pacman -Syu packagekit-qt5
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@Wollie Where did you look for optional dependencies of the package discover?
Thanks in advance.

It can be found in Octopi for example (or your package manager of choice).

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