Plasma desktop slideshow issue

I use KDE Plasma desktop for one main reason. The desktop slideshow parses subfolders for images. It seems to be the only one to do so.

I use a server that provides the images to all my computers. They connect with NFS, usually during boot. All have the same fstab entries, mount points and permissions, and server export permissions.

They all have the same entry in the plasma desktop settings.

I have a MS Surface Pro 3 that fails to mount the NFS filesystems on boot, and once I manually mount them, the slideshow app claims No Items Found

Not sure where to start, but I can provide listings from any commands that will help diagnose the problem.

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This one is solved.

I figured out how to mount the filesystems at boot by adding this line to my fstab nfs entries

Now my images are showing as they should.

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