Plasma - Can't use RDP betweek PCs

I JUST installed Manjaro Plasma on my 2nd laptop (its great - was running a dual-boot of Win and Mint)

I need to use either/or to connect as a remote desktop. I’ve installed Remmina and configure an RDP connection… but when I try to connect - I get “Cannot Connect to the RDP Server”.

Is there a service I need to start or security setting or ???

THey are on the same network - I can ping each machine from the other.

(note: don’t really care if I need to use RDP or some other protocol, as long as I can run a remote desktop - heck, don’t even care if I use Remmina, any client will work for me) Once this is working I can then VPN in to either machine remotely

There is no RDP-server installed in manjaro (for security) by default.
If you want it, you have to install it.

:mag: rdp server manjaro

Oh - ok… . how do I install the RDP server?

I did install freerdp - but not sure what to do with it?

UPDATE: ran $freerdp-shadow-cli and that got things to work.

Is there a way to just have that running in the background and at startup?

:mag: in the arch wiki

Been looking there and I’ve tried adding a script to my autostart (e.g.: and I’ve also added this line to the end of my .bashrc:
#start freerdp
freerdp-shadow-cli -auth > /dev/null 2>&1 &

But neither work at startup. I can manually run the script or the command directly from terminal - and both methods work.

Any tips would be helpful…

:mag: rc.local
:mag: x2go

In case it isn’t obvious:
the side that you want to connect to needs to have a server running.

Just enabling, starting, configuring stuff on YOUR side will not suffice - if there is nothing on the other side to connect to.


I am managing both sides and need to remote in to either/or so need rdp server running on both at all times

what does this mean?

I’ve been trying to add it to autostart programs and .bashrc neither are working

… so make sure that there is a service running on both sides

the Arch wiki almost always can help and more often than not provides details on how to set up the services …

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Got the ‘autostart’ to work for freerdp. This forum thread was exactly what was needed!!

So in case anyone stumbles into this thread for help - to get my RDP to work between PC’s:

  1. installed FreeRDP
  2. created a bash script (below):
      #!/bin/env bash
      #gnome-terminal -e
      freerdp-shadow-cli -auth  > /dev/null 2>&1 &
  1. put that bash script in: ~/.config/plasma_workspace/env
  2. gave it proper permissions…

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