Plasma 6, X11, Alacritty, font size


After the update to Plasma 6, the visible size of the console font shrank. After some time it shrank even more.

The config never changed (~/.config/alacritty/alacritty.toml):

size = 9.0

Where should I start my research? It can be merely the Alacritty problem, after all. The console font size is the only one that started floating.

Maybe it is related to some scaling settings?

What are those settings?

System SettingsDisplay & Monitor:

When using Wayland, scaling settings include:

  • Scale: Percentage slider


Legacy applications (X11) - two options:

  • Apply scaling themselves (default)
  • Scaled by the system

Note that when using X11, available settings are different.

Thanks! May come in useful, but probably not now. It’s Alacritty problem. Concerning Plasma upgrade, looks like a coincidence.

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