Plasma 6 Wayland

Hi, I installed Manjaro 24.0 KDE minimal, featuring Plasma 6, and while the X11 session works, the wayland session ends in a black screen.

I use nvidia 550 and modesetting is already enabled by default, apparently.

Thank you in advance.

I dont know what information/logs I should provide, fell free to ask any questions.

Have you tried adding the modules to kernel cmd line?

I just installed the drivers using the default manjaro driver manager, and I confirm they are working. How to add the modules to the cmd line?

Please see → Kernel mode setting - ArchWiki

Alright, it is apparently solved by adding options nvidia_drm fbdev=1 to /etc/modprobe.d/my-wayland.conf, in addition to modeset=1 which was already in /etc/modprobe.d/mhwd-gpu.conf (this is generated by mhwd, thats why I did not add the option there). More info here.

However, if this is required for wayland, it should already be enabled by default (?).

Thanks for the help.

I just want to verify - for forum reasons - that you have nvidia and are using plasma 6 with wayland.

And it isnt a disaster after adding those options?

You arent having seizure-inducing flashing etc?

If they are good defaults for nvidia in general then they should likewise be in the configs provided by the nvidia mhwd profile.

Yes, I have an GT 1030 card and I only have flickering with certain X11 apps (e.g. discord). This is to be expected since explicit sync did not land yet, I assume.

Other than that, it is working well. It seems to be the only way to run wayland in this pc (your mileage may vary). Otherwise, I just get a black screen. This do not necessarily mean they are good defaults, please dont cite me on this. I could get wayland working on the same system in EndeavourOS without this tweak (I dont know if it is already done by default).

PS: probably not related, but I sometimes I cant logout back to sddm, also getting stuck to a black screen with a mouse.

I only asked because one of the reasons for the long delay of plasma 6 on manjaro stable was the fear of the new wayland default. The cited justification for it was the idea that nvidia+wayland can/would produce flickering to an extent that could be seizure-inducing. So plasma-workspace was patched to default to X11.

As far as I know, flickering only happens for XWayland apps on Nvidia+Wayland (they are very annoying though), and it should be solved soon with the release of nvidia 555 driver (hopefully).

I think Manjaro defaulting to X11 was a good choice, especially for new users who never used linux. Experienced users can always switch if they want.

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