Plasma 6 Desktop (X11) stops reacting after changes

Today I had to make a disturbing discovery after rearranging my control bars a bit.
At first everything went well, I added a second bar, downloaded some mini-programs and started integrating mini-programs into my new second sidebar.
At first it worked, but suddenly everything froze, where I could only restart, rebooted again, but the desktop is still visible, icons are all there, but my mouse can only interact with programs that I start with the KRunner or the terminal or via shortcut.
It was exactly at the moment when I set up the mini program for network speed, I changed the view a few times to get the optimal view, but suddenly everything froze as I said.

I can see and move my mouse pointer, but clicks (right and left) have no effect anymore, neither on desktop icons, nor on the start menu (which also does not respond to the start menu key on the keyboard), nor can I click away the message about 377 updates.

By the way, I installed the following minprograms:
Window Title Applet 6 (but removed it again)
Simple Application Launcher for Plasma (I also removed it)
Netspeed Widget (added and I liked it), when I added the official mini-program for network speed and changed it, the problem started.
Chatgpt (added and left in)
Process Monitor installed only
The solutions (installed only)

Is it perhaps possible to remove the problematic mini-program from the system?
Or is there maybe a way to manually undo the last changes in the files or clear a cache ?
By the way, I have made regular backups of my home folder (and also root) that I could restore individual files if needed, but I don’t know which ones.

You can, for test, rename ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
Netspeed Widget is call by this file (or you can search/remove this widget in this text file, but not easy…)

note: you loose some configs in plasma if you remove or rename this file (a new is created)

For this situation there comes Timeshift perfectly…

OK, I restored the file you mentioned (~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc) from my backup disk, as it happened to be only 4 days old.

After that I had the settings from a few days ago back and my desktop responded again.

I was then able to restore the changes I had made and no more problems occurred.

OK, Timeshift might have helped, but fortunately it’s no longer necessary in my case.

Thanks for your knowledge

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