Plasma 5.27 on stable branch?

A good song to listen to while switching branches:

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Can’t listen. :ear: problem. :hear_with_hearing_aid: doesn’t help.

Manjaro is a distro for advanced users. The problem is that it presents itself as if it was good for complete newbies. It is not. As an Arch based distro, it requires some know how.

If a user learns how to use Manjaro safely, maintain it correctly, it will be the greatest distro ever is.

So how I see it: either accept that Manjaro stable branch will be outdated but good for users who don’t want to learn basics, or learn how to backup, switch branches, troubleshoot system, repair it with chroot.
It’s not Manjaro holding anything back from you, it’s your skills.

If I wanted, I could even run Plasma git with Manjaro. I’m not sure if that is even available on vanilla Arch.

P.S. My OS install is running well for ca. 8 years, and I am on testing branch, occasionally jumping to unstable if I want to get something faster.


Or at least a willingness to learn…

Yeap, exactly.

In a way, holding some packages for so long, creates a friction for users, so they must decide to wait or to learn.

Manjaro always had this problem with showing as a newbie friendly, just like Linux Mint. Probably that is why Manjaro devs started to keep older packages in stable repo and be more conservative about them. Years ago, stable branch was only 2 weeks away from Arch, nowadays it can be months… This wouldn’t be acceptable for me if not easiness of switching between branches.

The chaos I saw on the forum, on the internet in general, and that people mentioned they had experienced, just reinforces my opinion that I’ll take my rolling-release curated, thank you very much. That is what makes Manjaro better than other distros, after all.


Plasma 5.27.3 maintenance update is already released, I don’t really understand your behavior toward Plasma desktop with each new release. You always welcome GNOME updates as fast as possible but with Plasma you always keep them the maximum possible.

Know what?

You sound like you rather want the unstable or testing branch..

So this is just my opinion and has nothing to do with Manjaro, the Manjaro team, or anyone else for that matter:

I’m 100% certain if something breaks you’d be moaning here as well.

Bull***. There was a very long time while everyone waited for Gnome 40. (At least I think it was 40.)

I’m going to say it again:

If you want it sooner, help out, FFS. Switch to testing or unstable, and help. If you reckon you can do something better, show us. Don’t just sit and complain.


I’m in no hurry, to be perfectly honest…

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A little helps, for sure…

That’s what’s great about it, you do have the choice.

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Me either.


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Plus an IQ over 75 I’d say - especially with the way the world is going, it seems people get dumber with every passing day.

I just had someone argue that the Firefox ‘Hamburger’ menu isn’t useless, because he needs it so that he can click it and select ‘Quit’ from the menu.

Of all the ways to close Firefox, this one makes the Hamburger essential… for most of us it’s a fairly superfluous add-on designed to be compatible with touchscreens… especially as you can’t select (as with the Menu Bar) via Alt to unhide, then F and Q.

Even more so as for most of us, there’s a large X above the Hamburger too…

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Have you heard about Manjaro Branches yet?

I know most of us have been here before, but it seems you just arrived maybe this morning?


Indeed we are currently looking and focusing on Gnome 44 release. So maybe with 44.1 or so we might do another stable snap. 44.1 is scheduled for 22.04.23 …

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This thread seems to have taken a negative tone and there’s no need for it.

Yeap I noticed this.

I asked the question originally just because I’m curious and impatient. If it takes weeks, that’s cool as long as we have a clear idea that’s the case. It’s good that the Manjaro team are focused on making sure things are right before they commit to the 5.27 update.

Personally I think the bugs that are there are no worse than those already in 5.26, but I get the reasoning why it’s taking as long as it is.


Plasma 5.27 was released to stable branch in [Stable Update] 2023-03-31

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