Plasma 5.24.5 Overview Effect

I have just realized that my Plasma setup does not response new Overview in no sense with edges or shortcut Meta+W or another combo.

What’s wrong with this?

What driver you using? nouveau?

You have to enable it in settings, afaik.

System Settings → Workspace → Workspace Behavior → Desktop Effects

You must enable the effect there. Also make sure that… :arrow_down:

System Settings → Hardware → Display and Monitor → Compositor

… is set to “Enable compositor on startup”.

Note: If you are using the nouveau driver, then this will most likely not work, because the overview effect requires OpenGL, which nouveau does not support.

After the rebooting it started to work. Dunno what was the reason but it solved self.

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I’m a little bit confused…what’s the differnce between the new Overview and the existing Present Mode?
When i watched the videos it looks quite the same?

Well the overview presents current desktop windows, and a list of desktops at the top. You can move windows (drag) from your desktop to a desktop thumbnail, and go to a desktop shown at the top…

However, so far you can’t drag windows between desktops. It is still under development.

So right now, Present Windows is better for going to a window, and Present Desktops is better for going to desktops and organising/dragging windows between desktops.