Plasma 5.22 Global Menu bugs after Stable Update 2021.07.13

  • Telegram Desktop no longer exports its menu to the Global Menu widget in Plasma. Therefore, you can only exit the application from its system tray icon anymore. I’m not sure whether this is a Plasma problem or a Telegram Desktop problem.

  • The bug with regard to the Global Menu support in GTK applications that was introduced in Plasma 5.18.3 is still present in Plasma 5.22. In short, a newly started GTK application with Global Menu support will not show its menu until one has switched the active window over to a Qt-based application and back again. This bug was reported upstream by several users, but there has not been any followup to it from the KDE developers.


At first i liked the idea of using it, but then it didn’t make much sense … :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a matter of very personal taste. :wink: I myself have been using it ever since KDE 2.0, although at the time, there was no support for GTK apps yet ─ nor in KDE 3.x.

In KDE 4.x, the feature was not available except through a third party ─ in my case, I used a special theme that was written by Thomas Loebking, the (now ex-)KDE developer who had developed the Oxygen theme, and his theme (called Bespin) included a Global Menu widget called X-Bar.

I waited with the adoption of Plasma 5 until the Global Menu was supported again. :wink: