Plank and conky misplaced after switching between external displays

Whenever I connect my laptop to an external display (horizontal, extended to the right, via HDMI) and then disconnect, close lid, and connect to my office external display (vertical, extended to the left, Displayport to USB C), plank and conky are drawn in a wrong position - mostly in the middle, between the two display areas, as opposed to at the bottom of my laptop display (plank) and in the middle of my laptop display (conky). I have to close plank and conky and restart them to have them repositioned.

Anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas how I can fix that?

Can be fixed with prefernces of plank, something like placing on main screen;
should be the same for conky - I have done this with plank only (two monitors,
one must be defined as main-screen… (not the laptop-display!)
There is a multi-display preference of the GUI too - one combination is the true one.
(the truth is out there).

Thanks! It worked for plank and I found an easy way to move conky around.

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