Pixart-like software needed

Hi all,
I have been drafted…to make graphical layouts (collages) and add some pixel art, such as little stars and such, also captions possibly…
I saw the software (an app, basically) the person uses now. It’s…needless to say…full of ads and takes forever to click away the ads…
Any tool that I can use for that? Or…an addon for Gimp, that would be nice too…

Krita is very good for pixel art and more :wink:


Gimp i think is what you need!
If you upload a photo exactly what you want to do I can help you.
I know it well gimp and Inkscape.

maybe http://grafx2.chez.com/ or Pixelorama by Orama Interactive

Hello, I’m using a Krita, that’s what you need for a pixart.

Thanks all.
What I need to do is make a collage of events and post some smileys ans stuff on it…basically…beautify some pictures.
I usually do this with frame clipart, but is an automated process exists, that may help :wink:

Can you post an example?

I think collages can be made by snap-to-guides feature. Video’s (Krita):


But I don’t know if that is what you mean.

Edit: Or maybe https://www.canva.com/ ?

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Krita is an open-source bitmap drawing program, you can draw what you need on a photo and then make a collage or presentation in a photo editor.

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Not directly what I was after but very useful! I can use this (the Krita tutorials) in something else. I was looking for a guide-like thing to help me align my graphics.
Thanks so much for sharing this :hugs:

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Possibly somewhat related (aligning) and very interesting is this video about the assistant tool in Krita:

I might go a bit off-topic here, sorry, but I’m too excited to let it pass…


So later I watched this other video about Krita’s perspective transform tool and thought it would be cool to combine these tools. You can use the assistant tool to create a perspective scene with raw block materials and then you make the layer semi-transparent and then you can draw a shape on top of that using the perspective scene as a reference point how big objects are related to each other and then you can use the perspective transform tool to add perspective to the drawn shapes, but in line with the perspective scene. Something to try out.

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