Pipx to install on manjaro to not break python

Yesterday I saw a youtube and I learned about how I can use pipx to install stuff that is not in the repositories or aur. (iirc you don’t like youtube links so I won’t post it unless asked for it)

extra/python-pipx 1.2.0-1

Pipx creates a separate python env for that specific install so it does not break the system installed python.

I have not seen this being advised when ppl installs stuff that will break system python and asks for advice her in the forum.
Is this because the feature is new (seems to be about one month old) or is it because pip is discouraged to use on Manjaro for some reason?

A search in the matter did not produce any useful info.

It’s good for standalone applications when you want to install the Pypi version instead of from the repos or AUR.

Yeah, that’s the whole point yes.

The pip version installed on my system does NOT allow me to use it as a package manager.
If I f ex search for a package it tells me:

ERROR: XMLRPC request failed [code: -32500]
RuntimeError: PyPI no longer supports 'pip search' (or XML-RPC search). Please use https://pypi.org/search (via a browser) instead. See https://warehouse.pypa.io/api-reference/xml-rpc.html#deprecated-methods for more information.

But at the same time:

$ pip --help

  pip <command> [options]

  install                     Install packages.
  download                    Download packages.
  uninstall                   Uninstall packages.
  freeze                      Output installed packages in requirements format.
  inspect                     Inspect the python environment.
  list                        List installed packages.
  show                        Show information about installed packages.
  check                       Verify installed packages have compatible dependencies.
  config                      Manage local and global configuration.
  search                      Search PyPI for packages.

I cut the output, but you get my point…

I don’t want to use pip to install.
I’m wondering if installs with pipx would work if I download and install with it or is it relying on the pip that is already installed for that and would not work?

I have not explicitly installed pip, either it’s done by manjaro or as a dependency of something else, I’m not sure…

Search is disabled since a long time now.

Use pipx, just try it. What is your actual question?


The only advice I see is “do not EVER install unless in repos”, with this, that seems to not be the case if pipx can be used?

pip is simply discouraged to run with sudo aka root. That’s all.


Just use pip ONLY in your home folder or a virtual environment. Just like “brew” for example. You can install the manager globally, but never use it to install something globally. Such like you would not use dpkg or apt-get to install debian packages on a ArchLinux (based) installation.

Disabled by default since years.

That is what I understand pipx does, it does all of that for you on arch, hence the question “does it also work on Manjaro”. I think I have seen 3 posts in the last week when ppl were installing packages from outside the repos and understandably broke their systems python. And the consensus of those threads are “do NOT install from outside the repos or AUR”.

I was mostly curious, but I will absolutely do it with pipx if I bump into something where the repos or AUR are not enough/up to date/broken/orphaned and I have to move outside the normal procedure. The statement “NEVER install from somewhere else” seems to not be true any more according to the answers here.

Thank you!

It was never true, but it is advice for really noob-ish noobs, who just don’t read, break their system and come to the forum. And well, you know what they say… “HELP! Its broken! Please! ASAP!” :laughing:


There is no difference for pipx which operating system you use. It works the same everywhere.
Why do you thinks it’s different here?

If you can manage and understand your system, you’re free to do anything with it. The advice is rather for novices who break their system easily.
The repo packages always work and are updated with pacman automatically.
With pipx, you have to update manually.

Also, I don’t know how pipx behaves if there’s a major update for Python.


Because I have NEVER seen it being mentioned, and I read a LOT of threads on this forum, that is the only reason.
Myself, a “NOT superduper power user” discovered it yesterday, and it seems to be a pretty new thing (about a month).
Simple as that.

Instead of “HEELP! It’s broken! Please! ASAP” I prefer to ask first.
But the more I interact with this forum, that seems to not be appreciated.

You may be misconstruing comments people made to users when they just wanted ‘package x’ that they happened to be installing through pip when it existed in the repos/AUR.
(I say this because I took part in some of those discussions and I dont remember seeing ‘dont ever use pip’)

If theres no reason to use some other package manager … then yes, regular ALPM system packages should be preferred. But pip isnt blanket discouraged.

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