Pipewire wrong profile for audio interface

Dear Forum,

I have an audio interface with stereo output and 4 analog inputs. (PreSonus Studio 68c)

In the gnome audio settings, I can only choose between:

  • 2.1, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1 output
  • 2.1, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1 input

None of these settings/choices make sense on my device, allthough audio playback works.

However, recording only works using the 5.0 or 5.1 settings, but the mic is too quiet as we are using the wrong mix.

Someone already had this problem and solved it using this command:
pacmd load-module module-remap-source source_name=Presonus_Left_Mic source_properties=“device.description=Presonus_Left_In” master=alsa_input.usb-PreSonus_Studio_68c_01329742-00.multichannel-input master_channel_map=back-left channel_map=mono

Since pipewire happened, pacmd does not exist anymore and I need a new solution.

Why is my device not being recognized properly and how can I fix that?

Do you have pipewire-pulse package installed? Maybe even better to install manjaro-pipewire and after reboot provide the terminal output of:
pactl info

Someone might be able to help you after that.

pacmd commands do not work with pipewire-pulse because there is no PulseAudio daemon

pactl commands work with pipewire-pulse, so it may be possible to load module-remap-source
by replacing pacmd with pactl, but the source will probably have a different name in pipewire-pulse

If the interface source is not shown as default-source in pactl info check available sources with
pactl list short sources

Simpler way to deal with interface connections would be to install pipewire-jack and qpwgraph patchbay GUI to manage audio connections

Thank You for the response.

I have the aforementioned packages installed. Running ‘pactl info’ gives:

Server String: /run/user/1000/pulse/native
Library Protocol Version: 35
Server Protocol Version: 35
Is Local: yes
Client Index: 53
Tile Size: 65472
User Name: alex
Host Name: Unirechner
Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.68)
Server Version: 15.0.0
Default Sample Specification: float32le 2ch 48000Hz
Default Channel Map: front-left,front-right
Default Sink: alsa_output.pci-0000_0b_00.1.hdmi-stereo-extra4
Default Source: alsa_output.pci-0000_0b_00.1.hdmi-stereo-extra4.monitor
Cookie: 94a8:4a2b

I hope this helps.

I followed the advice from nikgnomic.

For some reason the mic volume is normal now, even when qpwgraph is not running.

Weirdly, and I don’t know why, this was the solution.

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