Pipewire-media-session gets installed instead of wireplumber

I made fresh Manjaro KDE install few weeks ago, and it seems that by default pipewire-media-session package installed as pipewire-session-manager.
But it marked as (deprecated) and wireplumber must be used by default.

Can someone confirm this? Should this be reported somewhere?

I found few threads from 2022 about this, wireplumber was unstable back then. But! Since then pipewire-media-session got deprecated. And also, replacing it with wireplumber removes some errors from logs, and also made my system more stable (it seams with pipewire-media-session I got system reboots when pausing MPV time to time), after migration to wireplumber this stops.

Its been gone over more than once.
And once again very recently.

Its since been changed.

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Oh, thank you! :+1:

So this will be solved soon? (I making some sort of instructions collection of what must be configured after install, and will be happy to delete one paragraph from it :blush:)

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