PipeWire in Manjaro?

Some people from RedHat have been developing a way to unify all audio and video streams on GNU/Linux systems.
It pretends to make no difference between user-audio (PulseAudio) and profesional audio (JACK) and let users use any app without major problems and with no need to set up anything.

Some weeks ago a package named pipewire came into Manjaro Stable. Is this the explained PipeWire? Can anyone already use it? Is it on testing?

I have many questions because I read that PipeWire developers were asking for beta testers but on Fedora 32, thus my doubts.

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The pipewire package has a long history.

But yes it is the basic pipewire package. There are some additional packages like pipewire-pulse or pipewire-jack

In the Aur is even a dropin package, but it does basically what the Blog post suggest on how to replace and link the libraries.

Also check out the Arch Wiki on pipewire


Wow, that’s great! I think I’m gonna start testing PipeWire as Pulse-Jack replacement on a secondary computer, as I don’t think it’s very safe to do that on my main one where I use Jack everytime.

Is great to know that this is already coming :slight_smile:

On last update, Manjaro ask me to mode from pulseaudio to pipewire. I did it, and it’s working well. Except one little thing : KDE indicator volume was disappear.
How can restore it ?
Thank you all.

Please make your own thread to ask for assistance instead of necro bumping a 6 month old thread.

Thank you.

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My built-in webcam in Dell laptop stopped working normally while the pipewire daemon was running. Removing it brought the webcam back to life. I’m not going to use it yet.