Pipewire contains pipewire-pulse executable and creates pipewire-pulse.service/socket

as described in the title, the pipewire package, which now is a dependency of kwin & xdg-desktop-portal, also installs the pipewire-pulse executable and the systemd service & socket.
these kept starting after rebooting even though i disabled them, and would cause the pulseaudio service to stop immediately.
i have only been able to solve this with
systemctl --user mask pipewire-pulse.service
systemctl --user mask pipewire-pulse.socket
this should not be like this, right? that’s why pipewire-pulse is another package?

the reason i noticed this is because pipewire does not support module-loopback so my script for that wasn’t working, caffeine-ng's pulseaudio detection seems to crash with pipewire, and steam remote play has audio problems on pipewire. i also noticed the microphone icon missing in the status bar

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You took the correct action for your use case and most people don’t need to do this.


is it intentional that pipewire-pulse is automatically activated and breaks pulseaudio even if the corresponding package isn’t even installed? the pipewire-pulse package clearly says it conflicts with pulseaudio, but the pipewire package does not, as expected, but this does not reflect the current situation

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