Pipewire config files missing

Hi everyone, I wanted to try out pipewire’s mSBC codec, so I installed the pipewire through the manjaro-pipewire package. Everything was going well, and my audio and Bluetooth were working fine without any issues. but then I want to try the mSBC support and as per the arch wiki I searched for the pipewire directory on /etc but there was nothing this seemed to be weird

and then I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling the packages manually without the manjaro-pipewire but still, the config files are missing
I looked up online and there isn’t any great info on this, it seems like a dumb issue on my side while installing maybe. if anyone can give some ideas it would be greatly helpful

The feature you’re looking for is part of the pipewire-media-session package and the config files can be found under /usr/share/pipewire/media-session.d/ which you can copy to your /etc (create the subdirectories if necessary) and then edit according to the arch wiki.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, you guys are really helpful :smiley:

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