Pink noise on startup with my DAC

I’m facing a little issue with my dac, which is accepting up to 192khz.
I’m hearing a pink noise but only when putting my dac to the 2xoversampling setting.
the strange behavior is about the fact that this behave doesn’t appear when I put the 4xOversampling setting.

I’m actually using the default setting. But I recently modified the EEPROM to another one. I dunno why I did that… I still have the original EEPROM.
The audio chipset is this one : vt1731 from via
The documentation says that frequencies over the maximum supported (192khz in my case), a pink noise will appear.

Then, what frequencies the system is sending to my soundcard during boot process ?


Could be that you need a RT = real time kernel. Have you tested that?

Long time ago. I flashed the firmware of the via chip.
What happened recently was strange. I restarted the DAC by powering it off/on and the card wasn’t recognized. I had to reboot on the last kernel (5.13.11) but there’s still some noise just before accessing sddm.
Think it’s related to wrong firmware.
I still have the other eeprom.