"ping not found" when trying to ping

Have searched here before posting. Never heard of this. Laptop is a new HP Pavilion fresh install of Manjaro Plasma 5.23.4. AMD Ryzen 7.
Second install because of fat fingers (mine) so everything appears to be running well only… when I try to ping from either Gnome terminal or Yakuake I get a weird error in Yakuake (something about resolving ping to _ping) and nothing else…and in Gnome, “bash ping:command not found”… I do have mtr installed and that works but I would like ping back. I did a straightforward install, nothing custom so didnt leave any packages out. Checked both the iso sig after downloading and the sha as well… what am I missing or why is ping missing.

Many thanks.

/usr/bin/ping is owned by iputils

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Thanks very much !

But how did you solve it?

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I installed iputils. Sorry for not adding that. Quite candidly I cant remember when ping wasnt there. I dont do a lot of new installs… this laptop is my first new one since 2012. Both desktops here have been running Manjaro for several years and I didnt remember ping not ever having been absent.

Thanks for reminding me to put in the how.
Regards and thanks again to cscs.


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