Pinetab2 Sway image

I have switched from default Danctnix image to Manjaro sway image on my Pinetab2. So here are some thoughts.
I have installed the image to internal emmc, and after changing from linux-rc kernel to linux I could no longer boot (this was on stable branch). I then reflashed, and switched to testing branch, and update went fine (with known problem that waybar on testing branch tries to load wireplumber 0.5 lib, which is not in the repo, so waybar needs to be downgraded).
Sound is not working after initial installation (also after upgrade to testing branch), but it is easy fix, just open pavucontrol and choose whatever is working there, and the change works after reboot.
But the most problematic thing is wifi, which does not work. Why there is no pinetab2 specific kernel with bes2600 driver, like danctnix has it? I have used it in danctnix for several weeks and it is now very stable (still not perfect).
Just installing danctnix kernel on manjaro renders pinetab2 unbootable (I have tried it).
Anyway, this is a vote for pinetab2 kernel :slight_smile:


Sadly we have very limited resources in terms of time and contributors.

We would love to have more contributors contributing to the project. With just 1 person doing most of the work during his free time.

It’s nearly impossible to look at so many devices to support and test.

I will add pinetab2 to my list to test and then update it to its latest state following updated kernel drivers.

Thank you for reporting

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